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Katie Sadler

Katie Sadler is a content writer for CX Network.

Just Walk Out – the checkout-free grocery store that’s paving the way for a tech savvy customer experience – has opened. Amazon Go has opened its doors in the US city of Seattle to customers who seek a quick, cashless, checkout-free shopping experience. The Just Walk Out artificial intelligence based retail model allows shoppers to browse,...Full Article »
One of the biggest obstacles for CX leaders is how to turn data into actionable insights. Respondents to our recent survey for The Big Book of Customer Insight, Data & Analytics 2017, revealed the biggest data challenges hampering CX success and provide top tips on overcoming this roadblock....Full Article »
Research reveals key drivers that keep consumers returning to brands time and time again The technology sector ranks top of the UK’s first Brand Loyalty Index, following a study that questioned 7,000 consumers on their loyalty towards household name brands within the food, drink, household and personal care, technology and supermarkets sectors....Full Article »
Online advertising “can be alarming if consumers don't understand the mechanism driving it” Comprehension of digital marketing technologies affects trust of online targeted content and browser cookies, study finds. A study of 2,000 regular internet users has found that 56 per cent of those who have an understanding of online marketing...Full Article »
New research finds that streamlined online purchasing and a bigger focus on mobile could boost UK retail sales by £10.5bn A study carried out by Barclays Corporate Banking (LON:BARC) has found that retailers could generate an additional £10.5bn in sales over five years by investing in systems that will streamline online purchasing. The report,...Full Article »
The beverage industry embraces artificial intelligence to develop services through chatbot capabilities Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) has been working on a new smart vending machine, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to power its customer experience. The revamped vending machine, due to initially launch in New Zealand, allows the beverage company to...Full Article »