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Seth Adler
In this in-depth interview with the creative director of Cirque du Soleil we go backstage to see how data and research help amplify their productions. EPISODE OVERVIEW: Former marketer and current creative director for Cirque du Soleil, Jean Guibert joins CX Network podcast theatre host Seth Adler today. In the interview he shares that he’s...Full Article »
How do you care for the fracture points in the digital experience you’re providing? Discover the solution in this week’s podcast interview. EPISODE OVERVIEW: Recorded at the Customer Experience Exchange for Retail, this week Jennifer MacMenamin, Director of Digital Solutions Guest Experience at a large American discount store retailer, joins CX...Full Article »
What are the differences between omni-channel and interconnected retail? Listen to our latest podcast interview to find out EPISODE OVERVIEW: Kathryn Moore works in strategy and insight for a US-based big box home improvement retailer. She joins host Seth Adler from the CX Network podcast theatre to discuss the difference between omni-channel...Full Article »
Podcast interview with the Senior Director, Retail Stores of Microsoft about his journey through retail from Radio Shack to Apple and Borders to MicrosoftEPISODE OVERVIEW:Jerry Roberts joins us and discusses his history in retail, which is really the recent history of the retail industry. He spent time at Radio Shack and Walden Books and Borders...Full Article »
Podcast interview with the Chief Retail Officer of Cabela's about the knowledge-based personal in-store experience – and how it's tough to replicate...Full Article »