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Self-service has become an integral component of journey design as the modern customer demands speed, accuracy and consistency across all support touchpoints. By incorporating elements of self-service into the design phase of journey mapping, companies are improving customer satisfaction on the one hand and their key business metrics on the...Full Article »
In 2018, understanding your customers’ journeys as they interact with your brand across touchpoints and channels is paramount for driving optimal business results. But with so many disparate channels, tools and data sources accomplishing this can be a near-impossible task (with traditional analytics methods and tools, that is). In this...Full Article »
Customer feedback surveys are essential for understanding what contributes to satisfaction and emotional engagement for your customers. Quantitative (choose an answer) and qualitative (open ended questions) will help you identify your core components of loyalty and sentiment. A Voice of the Customer (VOC) programme that includes customer surveys...Full Article »
This lookbook spotlights the coolest, most out of the ordinary and spectacular projects and results achieved by the Convergys Analytics team in a single year. Download the report for case studies on:Feedback fantasticSocial savvyBurn churnChannel challengePredictive powerSuper sleuths...Full Article »
As communication channels expand and customer inquiries become more frequent and complex, customer care leaders are facing a tough question: ‘How do we deliver the best customer experiences to a market that wants to self-serve in digital channels, but still needs agent assistance in crucial moments?’ Today, big customer experience (CX)...Full Article »
What are the most important issues that you should zero in on when examining your customer journeys? Knowing what to look for first can go a long way toward helping you get jump-started on implementing corrective action. Based on their experience in conducting customer journey mapping for leading global enterprises, Convergys discovered the...Full Article »
Graham Tutton is the Vice President of Customer Insights at Comcast. In this interview he explains how they're using insights from customer and employee data to improve the customer experience, set CX strategy and encourage an enterprise-wide CX culture....Full Article »
Learn how to utilise digital interaction data from multiple channels to deliver better customer experiences. If 2017 was the year of (digital) transformation then 2018 must be the year brands welcome in the “experience era”. In a fast-evolving digital world, our expectations are set by the innovators and disruptors we encounter in our everyday...Full Article »
Learn how to manage valuable digital brand assets across multiple channels and drive better customer engagement. In our digital age, organizations are seeking ways to reinvent how they market and strengthen their brand, manage their assets, and provide compelling customer experiences that reach the right customer – with the right content, at the...Full Article »
An overview of the key upcoming content pieces and online events from CX Network. In 2018 we’re going to focus on a key customer experience topic area each quarter, each one will come with its own three-day long online event, thought leading market report, and a variety of content throughout the quarter. Breakdown of focus areas:January –...Full Article »
14 results
of 2