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Jim Rembach

Jim Rembach is a certified emotional intelligence practitioner, speaker, coach, workshop leader, and advisor.

He is the founder of Beyond Morale, a founding member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association’s CX Expert Panel, an advisory board member for customer value creation International (CVCI), an advisory board member for CX University, Host of the Fast Leader Show podcast, board chair for Call Center Coach, an ICMI top 50 thought leader, and a customer experience influencer with IQPC.

Jim specialises in applying emotional intelligence to customer experience and employee engagement to lead organisations in their customer-centric transformations. He is also a certified employee retention specialist, certified better place to work expert, and an empathy mapping expert. He has served on several profit and not-for-profit boards and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

How companies can engage customers on a deeper level to create more successful moments of truth along the customer journey Customer empathy is the skill of understanding how and why customers feel the way they do and to communicate it effectively. If you understand the how and why of customer feelings then you will be better prepared to solve...Full Article »