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Abdaraouf Zouai

Abdaraouf Zouai is a marketer with great fervor for marketing, imparting marketing insight and advocating all things marketing related at Marketing Maven. He is inquisitive, a creative introvert and an avid caffeine consumer. As a storyteller and strategist he develops compelling content that inspires, educates and engages.

It’s helpful to view social media marketing as a get-together where you are the host and if you don’t take good care of your guests your party will flop Social media marketing can be a powerful weapon. If it’s done well, it allows you to connect with your audience, generate leads, drive traffic and build brand awareness. But if it is done...Full Article »
Marketing Maven blogger Abdaraouf Zouai discusses the values that will help you to clearly articulate your brand message to your customers Your branding expresses your products, your services, your true business values and your identity. It is a testament to your personality and characteristics – essentially who you are and what individuals think...Full Article »