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Mark Middlebrook

Mark Middlebrook is the SVP Interactive Marketing Manager at City National Bank. With more than 15 years specialising in Interactive Marketing, Mark has directed the inbound marketing strategy, social media and interactive marketing efforts to support the company's online revenue goals. He is responsible for the bank's public website,, social media strategy, and training sales officers on how to use social media for selling, online email marketing (including SEO) and the corporate intranet.

Before joining City National Bank, Mark was Assistant Vice President and AOL Channel Manager at Union Bank of California, where he was responsible for managing all products on the bank AOL website, BankNOW™, and strategic alliances. Before that, he worked at Home Savings of America, where he managed and launched Internet funds transfer and bill pay services.

Mark shares his years of expertise and learning within the marketing industry on The Digital Standard, a website which educates marketers on how to better embrace and use digital as a new skill set for their career. Find out more on:

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