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Nick Rudd

Nick Rudd is a customer loyalty specialist with expertise in all aspects of loyalty and CRM programme delivery. Nick’s experience spans the successful delivery of over 60 such programmes across industry sectors including; retail, financial services, FMCG, hospitality, petrol and leisure.

He currently heads up Aimia’s Global Loyalty Solutions business across Europe. Aimia is a data-driven marketing and analytics company that provides clients with the customer insights to make smarter business decisions and build personal relationships with customers. This is done through the ownership of coalition loyalty programmes, such as Nectar, and provision of loyalty strategy, programme development and management services.

Customer experience and marketing are increasingly becoming a data science. As the face-to-face interactions customers once had with brands becomes increasingly digital, data and how is the insights derived from this are being used have become critical to the future growth of brands across the world. In a landscape saturated with offers, adverts...Full Article »