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Ian Miller

Ian Miller is editor at Customer Service Manager (CSM) – the leading online magazine and community for customer service managers and professionals. The CSM website is packed with customer service articles, skills and tips, designed to help improve your customer service. At CSM you can join for free and receive a customer service newsletter each month.

Can your company or organisation really deliver excellence to your customers? Now, more than ever is the time to try. Customer service excellence is nowhere near as challenging as people think, but an alarming number of companies don’t bother worrying about it. They either don’t understand how greatly it affects their profits, or they just don’t...Full Article »
Customer service is more than just a procedure or a philosophy to follow, says Ian Miller, Editor of Customer Service Manager. Great customer service managers are excellent at what they do because they have a certain mindset in dealing with customers. If you want your company to offer service that wows your customers and makes them sing your...Full Article »
The benefits of strong customer relationships are many. Repeat sales, sustainability and growth as well as lower customer acquisition costs are among the reasons why it is important to forge strong bonds with your customers. Let’s look at some of the ways you can improve customer relationships. 1. Build Trust One of the fundamental ways to...Full Article »