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Sheryl Kingstone

Sheryl Kingstone is the Research Director of Business Applications at 451 Research, which covers the rapid evolution of business applications and how they serve in a digitally transformed world. Technologies and applications have a profound effect on employees, customers and partners as businesses transition from digitisation to true transformation.

A 16-year veteran industry analyst, her research focuses on improving the customer experience across all interaction channels for customer acquisition and loyalty. As part of the 451 Research team she helps businesses make decisions regarding the use of customer experience technology, business processes and data, to boost revenue and optimise business performance. Key research trends such as mobile, omni-channel and personalisation represent a revolutionary shift in the brand-customer relationship.

Sheryl Kingstone is a Research Director at 451 Research, and in this article she looks at the relation between customer experience and the digital transformation, and where the biggest opportunities for organisations are today. Businesses are struggling with adjusting to empowered customers and their demands. There are changes businesses must...Full Article »