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Colin Shaw

Colin Shaw has been recognised by LinkedIn as one of the world's top 150 business influencers with over 227,000 followers and voted one of the 'top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50'. His background is in operational line management and he has held many senior exec positions in corporate life. In his last senior role he led 3,500 people in call centres globally.

He founded Beyond Philosophy in 2002 and it was the first operational focused consultancy, training and research company in the world. They focus on helping organisations move their customer experience to the next level. Under Colin's leadership, Beyond Philosophy has helped many of the world's most prestigious organisations improve their customer experience, including American Express, FedEx, and Caterpillar.

Colin has also written five bestselling books on customer experience, with a new book coming out in July2016, and he is a commentator on CNN, BBC TV, NPR, LBC and many other publications and media. Colin is a renowned key-note speaker and has one of the best read blogs on customer experience.

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CX expert and blogger Colin Shaw says that a quality customer experience like Disney’s relies on constant technological innovation At their parks and resorts, Disney use the phrase ‘the magic of Disney’ to describe what they create for their guests. Ordinarily we would call it ‘customer experience’, yet this somehow seems inadequate. You don’t...Full Article »
CX expert and blogger Colin Shaw says that the experience your customers have starts long before the initial direct interaction, so how do you optimise the journey from that very first moment? Customer experience is a process customers go through during their interaction with your company. It begins long before any direct contact has taken place...Full Article »
CX expert and blogger Colin Shaw’s top tips for CCOs to help drive a company-wide customer experience focus The role of a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is to represent the customer at the executive level – and to ensure that customer experience is at the forefront of a company’s concerns. But such a mandate can be at odds with a company’s...Full Article »
After our piece on key steps to building a business case for investment, CX expert and blogger Colin Shaw discusses how to make the most of those investments by finding the right partners for the job The best relationship with a vendor is one that is win-win. This means that people in the company should not look down on the vendor and treat them...Full Article »
It’s tough to get employees engaged, but when you do it’s worth its weight in gold. CX expert and blogger Colin Shaw shares how he achieved this A number of years ago, back in my corporate career, I was asked to take over 20 call centres. The previous manager had been asked to move on, with good reason; he was a very poor leader. He thought...Full Article »
Customer experience author, blogger and speaker Colin Shaw discusses the key steps to establishing successful relationships with customers and employees. Over the years, I realised relationships in business mean everything. Whether it’s a new employer or a new customer, the beginning of a relationship sets the standards for how the two of you...Full Article »
Customer experience author, blogger and speaker Colin Shaw discusses the crucial importance of having an employee experience strategy as part of the wider customer experience strategy. Happy people give you happy customers. This is the mantra I used to say when I was in corporate life 12 years ago running 3,500 people in call centres around the...Full Article »
Customer experience author, blogger and speaker Colin Shaw discusses how the differences between the actual experience a customer has and the way they feel about it; impacted by factors such as their memory of what took place. Professor Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Prize winning psychologist and is notable for his work on the psychology of judgment...Full Article »
Customer experience author, blogger and speaker Colin Shaw says that successful companies have loyal employees. They also have loyal customers. But the question for researchers and consultants for the past two decades is how these two groups are related, if at all. Over the past 20 years, the connection between the two groups, loyal employee and...Full Article »
Customer experience author, blogger and speaker Colin Shaw outlines key steps to help you implement your new CX programme. Many companies are attempting to improve their customer experience by focusing on some of the right things and then ignore the others. Why? They don’t know what to do next. So while the vast majority of companies today know...Full Article »
12 results
of 2