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de Silva


Richard de Silva is the managing editor of IQPC Digital.

The Nordic region is in a period of digital transition. With a reduction in the use of binding periods arriving at a time when consumer trust is low, telecom operators must improve their delivery if they are to retain and grow their customer base. No longer can companies be comfortable with providing merely a competent service – today’s customers...Full Article »
AXA Belgium provides life, property and casualty insurance products to both private individuals and corporate customers, including industrial accident, auto, fire, home, and TPL private life insurance. SEE ALSO: Insurance and Customer Experience: Is Trust the Biggest Issue? Damien Bourgeois, head of CRM and Customer Intelligence, will be...Full Article »
The Nordic financial industry has awoken to the importance of customer experience being the key competitive differentiator. As with the global industry, the region has seen increased commoditisation around the consumer-side of the product, increased realisation that customers are becoming more fluent with their understanding of the financial...Full Article »
It probably goes without saying that improving customer satisfaction is a challenge for any business. From delivering consistency across all channels, to keeping up with a rapid pace of technological change and an increasingly demanding customer base, the road to transformation can appear daunting to most. But as the upcoming CX Insurance event...Full Article »