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Ramya Nair

Digital Editor at CX Network.

Carly Hulls is the Head of Community & Customer Experience at start-up travel market place TourRadar. In this interview from CX Excellence World, she talks about driving customer experience excellence through new marketing initiatives and constantly improving the website usability. She also explains how as a digital disruptor she sees travel...Full Article »
Mariana Machado is the Customer Behaviour Director at Accor Hotel Group. In this interview conducted as the recent CX Excellence World in Paris, she talks about the meaning of customer experience, how to measure customer behavior and emotions, how to segment a large customer base, and she shares a top tip to create a customer-centric strategy....Full Article »
Stine Ringvig Marsal is the Service Excellence Director at Copenhagen Airports. At the recent CX Excellence World conference in Paris she spoke to CX Network about:Not only listening to the VOC but also to the VOE (the voice of the employee)The key to effective customer journey mappingHow to build a true customer-centric organizational culture...Full Article »
Marko Hein is a CX Network Advisory Board Member and the Senior Director Digital Solutions at LEGO Systems A/S. At the recent CX Excellence World conference, we caught up with Marko for a quick-fire interview about the digital customer experience and the challenge of the rapid technology change we see today....Full Article »
Petra Mengelt is a CX Network Advisory Board Member and the Customer Service Director of FinTech Euroloan Group plc. At the recent CX Excellence World conference, we caught up with Petra for a quick-fire interview about: innovative ways to drive customer service excellence across the organisation;the future of customer insight; andhow to build a...Full Article »
Katy Pearce is the Head of Customer Experience at Vodafone Group Enterprise. In this interview from CX Excellence World she spoke to CX Network about:The importance of evangelising their brand to deliver customer experience excellenceThe difference in customer experience the between B2B and B2C industriesHow to really understand the customer by...Full Article »
Thomas Folkjaer is the Head of Customer Insight of Nordea, a Swedish financial services group. In this interview with CX Network from CX Excellence World he talks about: What customer experience excellence means to himHow at Nordea they turn customer data into actionable insightsFuture trends of insight, including predictive analysisHow customer...Full Article »
Innovative data collection to increase personalisation and customer communications were some of the much-discussed topics at the event. CX Excellence World took place in in Paris last week and featured over 40 cross-industry speakers from over 20 different countries. They provided insight into industry challenges and the solutions to help go from...Full Article »