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Shay Khosrowshahi is the Marketing Manager at CX Network.

The rise and growth of digital has had a major impact on CX. The positive or negative experience customers receive across multiple touch points is what now defines an organisation’s brand. Previously, traditional advertising such as TV broadcasts and newspaper listings consisted of a one-way communication where a company would enforce their brand...Full Article »
The latest edition of the Digital Marketing Exchange took place in London last week, offering attendees two days filled with insightful presentations and networking opportunities for leaders in various industries. Here are the key takeaways from the event, from the likes of Facebook, Bupa, Schneider Electric and Zurich Insurance Group. SEE ALSO:...Full Article »
What is the difference between creating and implementing multi-channel strategy vs an omni-channel strategy? How can you use the concept of omni-channel in your customer experience strategy? Multi-channel refers to companies using multiple channels (e.g. social media, email, PPC) to engage their customers, giving them an option to choose the...Full Article »
At the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services, Shelley Malton, Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclaycard, shared 5 tricks that have seen their complaints drop by a staggering 86 per cent and customer advocacy double. Successfully rebuilding their customer culture by combining the efforts of front-line and senior...Full Article »
Delighting customers, differentiating the experience, the importance of C-suite buy-in and emotional engagement are just some of topics that dominated discussions at the Exchange. The Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services took place in London this week and provided two days filled with insightful presentations and networking...Full Article »