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Stephen Ingledew

Stephen Ingledew is the Managing Director, Customer and Marketing at Standard Life. He has a strategic responsibility for all aspects of marketing with the aim of establishing Standard Life as a leading consumer retail and business brand which is front of mind when people think of a good home for their life savings.

Stephen is also Chairman of Standard Life’s recently established marketing consultancy business, 56 Degrees, providing creative communication services to large employers and SMEs.

Since joining Standard Life in 2007, he has held a number of executive roles in distribution, strategy and business unit management before being appointed to a newly created role to run the Customer and Marketing division in 2012.

Before joining Standard Life, he had nearly thirty years in a number of senior level marketing, customer   and distribution roles with large corporations such as Barclays and AMP as well as medium sized enterprises such as Frizzell.

In the financial services industry trust is still a rare commodity, products are pretty much all the same and regulation is some of the strictest around. So how do you build strong, loyal customer relationships? I’d like to share four truths that I’ve found to be, in the right mix, a very powerful and successful way to build more meaningful...Full Article »
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