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IQPC Editorial Team
We are in a new age of the contact centre. We’re living in a multi-channel world where the customer has never been more vocal and digital channels provide a platform for constant feedback – both positive and negative. But what does this new environment mean for quality assurance (QA)? How do you define quality in this fast-paced digital age and...Full Article »
In advance of the CEM in Telecoms Global Summit, taking place in January 2017 in London, industry leaders from across the globe provide their insights into the initiatives optimising customer experience in their organisation. Download this report to learn about:A financial services approach to customer experience in telecomsThe dynamic evolution...Full Article »
Clients tell us they convert at least 1 piece of business from a pool of 10 prospects. A Power10, an online boardroom style discussion, delivers you 10 prospects so all you need to do is select, connect, engage and convert. A Power10 gives you the opportunity to meet exclusively with:10 senior decision makersFrom your targeted industriesLocated...Full Article »
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What are the biggest challenges within customer experience today, and how can you tackle them? Our Global State of Customer Experience 2016 report highlights key CX trends, challenges and investments for the next 12-18 months, as well as providing insights into the digital transformation of organisations, and who the industry leaders are. For...Full Article »
A recent study carried out by a customer intelligence firm found that customer experience will be the most important business strategy among B2B companies in 2020.So while telecom operators have been focused on CEM for B2C customers, the importance of the B2B customer in the CEM strategy appears to be coming under the spotlight more and more. But...Full Article »
The retail industry has undergone a significant change in recent years. With the rapid rise in online stores and mobile shopping, the high street has seen a decline in footfall, and the lifetime customer loyalty many brick-and-mortar stores were accustomed to is no longer a given.Retailers have to work harder and focus more on delivering a wow...Full Article »