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Dr Phil

Dr Phil Klaus

Dr. Phil Klaus is a Professor of Customer Experience and Marketing Strategy. His award-winning research has appeared in a wide range of journals and he is a frequent keynote speaker at public and in-company seminars and conferences around the world.

He advices blue-chip companies on CX strategy and has written the best-selling book ‘Measuring Customer Experience - How to Develop and Execute the Most Profitable Customer Experience Strategies’.

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CX Network is delighted to announce the launch of the CX APAC Online, a Digital Series in 2018, taking place in April. Over four days, we have invited industry leaders and organizations to share case studies and thought leadership presentations that they have pioneered in....Full Article »
We here at CX Network hand-picked a series of case studies and thought leadership presentations regarding customer feedback and satisfaction. You can learn from your peers who have already integrated the latest and greatest measurement metrics into their CX strategy and learn more about the disrupters and drivers that can help CX leaders stay...Full Article »
Join this session with Andrew Mann, VP Insight Pricing CRM at Asda, to learn:The cultural barriers to using dataHow to remove those cultural barriersFour broad uses of data in organisationsGlobal case studies explaining how they are used...Full Article »
Is your data science strategy suffering from confusion, hype and failure to start? Many data science initiatives fail to launch because organisations do not understand the dependencies, people, process and technologies needed to make data science work for them. This is all the more challenging in large enterprises with legacy systems, technology...Full Article »
Learn how Philips has built digital analytics as a global capability, as part of a large digital transformation programme. This includes dashboarding and creating insights, optimisation of the website with A/B testing and in house optimisation of digital campaigns during the campaign. Paul Poels, Director of Digital Analytics, Digital...Full Article »
Customer feedback. Call center records. Social media postings. CRM data. Financial and operational information. One thing that many Voice of the Customer programmes don’t need is more data. In fact, most organisations are in danger of becoming ever more tangled up in the data they already have, as they struggle to understand the meaning of it all...Full Article »
Managing the numerous moments in your customer’s journey with you is critical in transitioning them from prospect to brand advocate. Harness contextual, real-time data to ensure you are producing positive customer experiences. This presentation will allow you to gain perspective to:Boost customer relevancy to improve your retention ratesCreate...Full Article »
This webinar will look at how the increasing regulations around customers' data and the need for better customer knowledge are two majors challenges that can benefit each other to enable an advanced customer experience. There are a number of regulations – PSD2, Open Banking, AML 4th Directive, MiFID II, GDPR – that are with us or due to take...Full Article »
Shake Shack’s Chief Operating Officer discusses the role of digital properties in the company’s overall guest experience Zach Koff is the Chief Operating Officer at Shake Shack, having previously served as Shake Shack’s Vice President of Operations and Director of Operations. In this webinar he discusses the innovative digital experiences that...Full Article »
We here at CX Network hand-picked a series of case studies and thought leadership presentations regarding data and analytics. You can learn from your peers who have already integrated data and analytics into their CX strategy and learn from their experiences in tackeling the challenges they've faced along the way. In addition to these...Full Article »
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13 results
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