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Maya Fowell
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An interview with Geoffrey Zbinden, Vice President Big Data Analytics & Customer Base Management at Orange. He discusses how Orange has transformed its business strategy into a data-driven, money-making enterprise, the internal and external obstacles the company had to overcome and just how the right type of customer insight can save millions...Full Article »
It is a well-known fact that it is much cheaper to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one. However, in a demanding and fickle market, where one tariff change or negative customer service interaction could lose you a customer, how can operators keep your customers engaged, satisfied, and most importantly spending on their networks?SEE...Full Article »
Interview with Lorraine Stone, UK Country Director, Dynamic Insights at Telefonica, about how to utilise insights and analytics to improve the customer experience. In a recent interview with Telefonica, UK Country Director Lorraine Stone shared that after tweaking the business model of Telefonica’s Smart Steps initiative (a programme that gives...Full Article »
Exclusive interviews with Phil Pavitt, CIO, Specsavers and Christopher David, CTO, Schneider Electric about how they’ve ridden the wave of digital disruption to come out fighting with a winning customer experience for 2016! Living in the age of consumerism and digitalisation everything is about technological advancements,...Full Article »
The world has finally awoken to the importance of customer experience being a key competitive differentiator. For CX leaders across the globe this has been a truth universally acknowledged for quite some time, however for those who have been a little slower off the mark the battle has only just began. Faced with real competitive challenges to...Full Article »
Interview with Stine Ringvig Marsal, Service Excellence Director at Copenhagen Airports, about what it takes to be the Service Excellent Director at one of the world’s leading airports in customer experience. Stine Ringvig Marsal, Service Excellence Director at Copenhagen Airports, is an experienced Service Design and Customer Experience advocate...Full Article »
In this interview, Anne Melchiorsen, COO of Danske Bank, discusses how they increased consumer engagement and loyalty through a customer-centric strategy that is embedded across the company. Focusing on how they overcame the obstacles surrounding the transformation and what the next step should be for Nordic banks wanting to become truly...Full Article »
Interview with the Head of Customer Insight, Heather Wade, and the Head of Research, Rhea Fox, at eBay about how they navigate through the busiest of retail seasons. Heather Wade is a customer insights professional with 15 years experience in managing client-facing relationships and driving value for blue chip companies in the retail and FMCG...Full Article »
Given today’s competitive market, investing in in-house staff to handle customer experience needs can become a financial burden for many companies. Thus, resorting to outsourcing, either locally or internationally can make a big difference. However, the biggest hurdle in this process is perhaps the limited control you’ll have over a team who...Full Article »
Customer Experience lessons all CX leaders can learn from Swarovski’s Customer Experience Manager, Karin Winkler. The world has finally awoken to the importance of customer experience being a key competitive differentiator....Full Article »
25 results
of 3