Thomas Reby

Thomas Reby is Strategy Manager for Google.

He has extensive experience from technology companies, including Google, YouTube, eBay, Dell and Electronic Arts.

During his career he has managed global operations in e-commerce, technical support, content management and digital advertising, as well as held key leadership positions developing strategies for customer experience, revenue generation and knowledge management.

He has advanced CX research methodology by shifting traditional survey processes towards a progressive action-oriented insights, centering on pre-empting failure and knowing when to deviate from standards.

In addition, he introduced a fusion of sales and services, delivering customer success through machine learning models that drive product adoption and revenue growth as a byproduct of customer goal attainment.

Through seven years of dedicated knowledge management experience (KM) he has transformed KM capabilities of two fortune 500 companies. This includes establishing knowledge sharing culture, implementing KM systems and tools, as well as tracking and optimising the value of knowledge and knowledge contributors across global teams.

Currently, Thomas is a Strategy Manager at Google, supporting consumer operations in areas such as Gmail, Google Maps and Pixel hardware.

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