Seppo Roponen

Seppo Roponen is the Head of Customer Insight at VR Group.

In his role, Roponen is responsible for collecting, analysing and delivering customer-related insight within Finnish Rail. Customer insight is generated from various sources of wisdom: from studies and surveys, customer feedback, customer experience measurement, sales data, channel measurements (mobile, web, campaigns).

Roponen facilitates processes of applying customer insight in business relevant manner. In the core of making insight actionable is summarisation of major findings from different studies and interpreting highlights to key audiences and decision-makers. As Head of Customer Insight he also actively supports the usage of customer-related metrics around passenger services.

In Finland, Roponen is known as an old-school data professional who has worked in digital space for 30 years. His experience comes from all industries people can imagine. After helping dinosaurs to plug their modems, he has worked with hundreds of companies, from a-man-and-a-dog companies to global giants. Finnish media and event organisers also know this data-minded veteran of digital well.

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