Paul Long

Paul Long has built hundreds of customer loyalty programmes during his career, and the consumer runs through his veins.

With over 25 years of experience in marketing and brand strategy, loyalty and customer experience, Paul currently serves as Vice President, Enterprise Customer Experience Strategy at UnitedHealth Group. He is working to align all of the customer experience efforts across the UHG Enterprise (UnitedHealthcare, Optum, and UHC Global), share best practices, and set goals. He's also working to establish NPS as a common metric and system and move the organisation to a common, customer-oriented culture.

During his tenure with UnitedHealth Group, Paul established an enhanced onboarding experience for New Members. He developed a new call centre experience, and worked tirelessly to develop an empowered frontline. He’s emphatic about using data to tell stories and mobilise the organisation to be more customer-driven.

Paul has served as co-founder, owner and president of re:member group, a loyalty marketing firm specialising in customer loyalty programmes. As President, he worked with organisations’ senior leaders to establish customer-centric initiatives and values.

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