Katy Pearce

Katy Pearce is the Head of Customer Experience at Vodafone Group Enterprise.

She joined Vodafone in 2008, following several years working with IBM partners to optimise processes for their customers.  She has held a variety of customer-focussed roles in Vodafone, moving to her current role to lead the customer experience excellence programme for all Enterprise segments (SOHO – Multinational) across the Vodafone global footprint of 21 markets in 2015.

Pearce is responsible for developing a consistent strategy for all Vodafone’s B2B customers and ensuring consistent implementation globally.  This includes a focus on CX culture for frontline and head office functions and rolling out a single platform to measure customer experience at key customer journeys.

“Despite great steps forward, there is always more to do, as once an excellent customer experience is delivered, customers expect more!”

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