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Marginal Innovations Are More Disruptive Than You Think

I’m a fan of Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author Clayton Christensen. Christensen’s research focuses on what he terms “disruptive innovation,” or those innovations that target non-consumption with products that are inferior but... Learn More »
August 15, 2017

The 3 Reports Every Manager Should Use To Identify High-Performers

The following excerpt originally published on Entrepreneur and is from Riaz Khadem and Linda Khadem’s book Total Alignment. The three reports that every manager should use are part of a reporting system first described on our book,... Learn More »
August 15, 2017

Want To Run More Effective Meetings? Avoid These ‘Meeting Malpractice’ Sins.

With summer here, our thoughts naturally turn to BBQs, beaches, and vacations. It’s the time of year when you can easily find yourself daydreaming when you should be paying attention. And then, as if in a nightmare, you realize you are seated... Learn More »
August 14, 2017

Creative Malcontents: Straight Talk About “Talkers” and “Doers”

It's often said: People confuse good management with a good idea that makes management look good.What's not said is: It takes a special kind of management and organizational structure to put a good idea into action.A management that has... Learn More »
August 13, 2017

6 Triggers that Can Make or Break Your Success As a Leader

What if you could control your environment so it triggered your most desired behavior and steered you toward success?This would mean that instead of blocking us from our goals, the environment would propel us toward them. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?... Learn More »
August 8, 2017

Reflections On My Interview With Peter F. Drucker: 15 Years Later, The Modern Workforce Still Needs His Wisdom

The following column originally published on July 5, 2002, USA TODAY published my feature story on Peter Drucker, “Scandals Nothing New to Business Guru.” He and I were both in Los Angeles for the SLA/Special... Learn More »
August 7, 2017

Coming: A Potential For Galloping Inflation That Destroys Middle-Class Purchasing Power: Part II

Though the annual deficit has been cut from $1.4 trillion in 2009 to $585 billion in 2016, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warns that the deficit will soon begin ballooning again. Why? Because Social Security and Medicare costs will... Learn More »
August 7, 2017

Revolutions In Opposites: Using a 19th Century Philosopher's Model to Better Understand What's Happening in The World

Editor's Note:The concept of opposites is well known to historians, fiction writers and savvy marketers.But it's not well known to many best described as “long on schooling but short on education.”Said Harvard's Ted Levitt: "The... Learn More »
August 6, 2017

Rethink how you train your IT staff: Why the WannaCry attack is a wakeup call for the entire C-suite

“A superior owes it to his organization to make the strength of every one of his subordinates as productive as it can be. But even more does he owe it to the human beings over whom he exercises authority to help them get the most out of whatever... Learn More »
August 4, 2017

Business Strategy: Drucker's ‘New Certainties’ and Why When All Else Fails, Think!

Peter F. Drucker, author, consultant and founder of modern management, wrote that the purpose of strategy is to enable an organization to achieve its desired results in an unpredictable environment. Contrary to what "everybody knows," strategy is... Learn More »
July 31, 2017
118 results
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