Contributor: Annette Franz
Posted: 07/20/2016
Impact of Partnership on Omni-Channel Customer Experience
CX expert Annette Franz asks: Are you considering all of your channels when you think about the omni-channel experience? A couple months ago, I wrote about improving the omni-channel experience to reduce customer effort. In my closing statement, I mentioned that I'd write about a channel that you may not think about when you’re making the transiti Full Article »
Posted: 01/24/2017
Omni-Channel Experience CenterPoint Energy
Gregory Knight is the SVP & Chief Customer Officer at CenterPoint Energy. At the Executive Customer Contact Exchange US he held a presentation around the omni-channel experience at the company. He talks about the journey at CenterPoint Energy from the importance of VOC to a new predictive and proactive IVR service, and how social media ties int Full Video »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: 06/07/2015
Kevin Thompson, Vice President Customer Experience and Development at the luxury retailer, discusses his approach to delivering a world-class CX. Last week we published our first podcast, with YO! Sushi's People Director, Suresh Banarse. He told us all about how the company ensures a great customer service through their culture, recognition Full Podcast »
Posted: 09/05/2016
Multi-Channel Connecting Customers to a Deeper Conversation
How to communicate through multiple channels for greater engagement and retention. In our digital age there has been a lot of talk about the importance of engaging with your customers on their preferred communication channel. But there has also been limited clarity on how to proceed in a way that both simplifies your efforts and best leverages your Full Whitepaper »